Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal is sometimes necessary either when Asbestos Containing Materials are in a degraded condition and cannot be managed in situ or repaired or when ACMs require removal prior to a planned refurbishment or demolition project that is to take place in the area where the materials are located.

Asbestos Removal Works fall into three categories:

  • Category B Trained Non-Licensed Asbestos Work – Usually does not require notification (dependent upon the project details)
  • Category B Trained Notifiable Non-Licensed Asbestos Work – Notification is required to the HSE prior to work commencing
  • Category C Notifiable Licensed Asbestos Work – Notification is required to the enforcing authority a minimum of 14 days prior to works commencing. In addition to all of the above and regardless of category, the works will require a risk assessment covering all site risks that may be encountered during the works.

Regardless of the category, the removal contractor must be competent to undertake the work, the employees must hold appropriate training certificates and be able to prove competence for the tasks they are planning to undertake.

They must also hold appropriate and sufficient insurances as well as hold an Asbestos waste carriers license for the tasks they will be undertaking. As a general rule most insurance policies specifically exclude working with asbestos from their cover which can leave both the contractor and you open to litigation if works do not go according to plan.

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    How We Can Help?

    We can help you to maximise quality and limit the cost of removal work by managing the contractor procurement process whilst guiding and monitoring the removal contractor.

    Tendering from our approved asbestos contractors list ensures that a reputable, reliable asbestos removal company is selected.

    Asbestos Removal projects are a time consuming, expensive and high liability exercise to undertake. Like any special project, specification, procurement and management of the works should be undertaken or at least supervised by an experienced, qualified expert.

    We can offer support in the preparation of contract documentation for the identification of all parties including the definition of roles, performance measures, insurance requirements, limitations of liability, indemnifications, contract variations, subcontractors, confidentiality agreements, dispute resolutions and signatory records.

    This ensures that the highest quality asbestos work is performed for the best possible price.


    • Checked/Vetted Removal Contractors
    • Tendered Works for the best value to an agreed Scope of Works
    • Project Managing Asbestos Analyst Supervision
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